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Circuit bending instructable

I just finished and posted an instructable about simple circuit bending for a sound-making toy. This toy was used in a piece for violin and toy that I wrote for a course in electroacoustic composition. It’s part of a broader goal to create “open-source” compositions, where not only the scores but also other components of my compositions are documented and released for others to see and modify.

The Coninuing Kafka-esque saga of the CAE

From the “CAE Defense Fund Group” on Flickr comes the following semi-sad news. I wish Professor Ferrell were well enough to continue to court battle, but I sympathize entirely with his decision. It is sad that government and public resources have been spent for four years on this travesty of a trial, and I can only hope that Steve Kurtz will be able to prevail in the end. If I had the money I would certainly donate to support the cause.


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