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Acorns and Stories


Fall, or more-pleasing-to-the-ear, autumn, stands out amongst all other seasons. While others lament the cooling weather and darker days, I revel in the distinct scent of dead but colourful leaves that the trees in their haste to be ready for winter strew upon the ground. I enjoy the need to wear long-sleeved shirts and coats, for it means I no longer drip with unwanted sweat.

The Virtue of Slowness as a Graduate Student

Carrots, when pulled from the ground, washed, and peeled, are a wonderful late-summer, early-fall snack. (And when you’re young and told that eating the vegetable will improve your eyesight, you can spend many minutes shortly after dusk convincing yourself that, indeed, your eyesight was bettered by eating the carrot for dinner.) Carrots, when put in front of you (or a rabbit), can be an inducer of positive action. arises before Halloween.

This site arises from its former name of “”.

Do not expect regular updates, on-topic posts, or witty commentary. Much will likely be depressing or technical, sometimes a combination of both.

This site will be minimal.

This site will chronicle some of my thoughts.

Please e-mail me: nknouf (at) zeitkunst (dot) org.

Please return to whatever you were doing.


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