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Compiling QCad on OS X with fink

*UPDATE 2008.01.16*: For some reason the original patch file I uploaded was wrong. I've "corrected it": and the correct file should be referenced now. Apply with "patch - p0 < qcad-". NOTE: I can't seem to build this on an Intel Mac due to problems with gcc-3.3 (see "these posts": about why you can't build projects using gcc-3.3 on Intel Macs).

The Curse of Wanting the Novel

There're days when you latch on to one performer, one type of music, and you don't know why. It consumes what you think about; you dance to silence, the sounds you hear only for yourself, the people looking in from the windows thinking you're listening to something coming from the speakers in the living room: but no, what you hear is so powerful it lives in your mind alone.

Two Difficult Books Read Last Year

Most people write their 2006 wrap-up shortly after 2006 has ended, where "shortly" refers to a span of a couple days, a week at most. But I seem to have a different definition of the word "shortly". Last year was a timespan for reading much that I hadn't read before, exposing my brain to academic ideas that tickled it into different directions, said directions leading to applications for science, technology, and society PhD programs. Yet at the same time I was reading more and more experimental fiction, seeing on the page new ways to define old words. website updated

If you visit "": right now you won't see the Courier-shaped boxes of pixels that existed there for way too many years. Prompted by applications to "certain": "PhD": "programs": I needed to update my web-based portfolio, which had languished in the un-spun quarters of a disused hard drive for far too long. Hence the update and recent hair-pulling experiences of trying to decide on a design, a layout, an image.

The Table Childhood

A project I just became aware of today called "The Table Childhood": Watch the "video": to see it in action; it reminds me a lot of the movements of syngvaa. Things to consider: size of an object and its motion towards the viewer, participant. When does this become frightening? Interesting? Relationship of the movement and expectations related to the object's form? Questions of agency and control?


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