zeitkunst.org website updated

If you visit "zeitkunst.org":http://zeitkunst.org right now you won't see the Courier-shaped boxes of pixels that existed there for way too many years. Prompted by applications to "certain":http://web.mit.edu/sts/ "PhD":http://www.media.mit.edu "programs":http://www.infosci.cornell.edu/ I needed to update my web-based portfolio, which had languished in the un-spun quarters of a disused hard drive for far too long. Hence the update and recent hair-pulling experiences of trying to decide on a design, a layout, an image. What's at "zeitkunst.org":http://zeitkunst.org right now is not only my "portfolio":http://zeitkunst.org/portfolio/, but also the beginnings of a real personal website. Imagine that. Behind the scenes, just like with this blog, is "WordPress":http://wordpress.org.

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