My research explores the interstitial spaces between media studies, information science, critical theory, digital art, and science and technology studies. I consider myself equally at home within the worlds of theory, history, and artistic production. I see theory and practice as fundamentally intertwined, and work to engage in truly transdisciplinary scholarly production.

The Xenology Notebooks

The Xenology Notebooks is a trans-disciplinary, trans-media corpus involving the practices of scholarly text, poetics, event scores, composed music, computer code, and new media art installations that expansively considers the "xeno-".

How Noise Matters to Finance

How Noise Matters to Finance (University of Minnesota Press, 2016).

As scores of crises over the past century have shown, the stock market is manipulable and manipulated. The market is composed of human-made machines, which are affected by a lack of predictability more fundamental than the human: the noise of the material world. Nicholas A. Knouf draws on historical and contemporary documents to show how noise—sonic, informatic, or... more

Dissertation: Noisy Fields: Interference and Equivocality in the Sonic Legacies of Information Theory

Noisy Fields: Interference and Equivocality in the Sonic Legacies of Information Theory discusses the ways in which noise causes interferences within disciplinary fields. Noise tends to bring diverse disciplinary approaches together, interfering in their constitution and their dynamics. I understand noise to be more than either positive revolutionary potential or negative disruption; instead, noise functions equivocally, possessing aspects of each pole in varying degrees. As such, it is vital to follow the machinations of noise. Considering... more