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Making a tumble into the present

Many people have had an account on tumblr for a while now. But I’m getting to it late. Basically tumblr is a service that is designed to let people post short snippets—of text, links, photos, audio, etc.—on a special site, leaving their blog for longer posts. For me, it’s great, as there are a ton of things that I look at during the day, that I’d like to write about, but aren’t worth an entire blog post. Plus, it’s a good way for me to keep track of the myriad things I look at during the day for research and stuff.

When things like this happen...

… you begin to wonder what power any individual has over the process anymore.

Kucinich was barred from the NBC debate tonight, as, according to the network, “there are only three viable candidates”. Of course, when you are judge and jury you can decide what number of candidates there are, independent of reality. As many in the NY Times thread rightly point out, it is within NBCs right to decide who to invite or not.

Making laser-cut snowflake ornaments

This is the first in hopefully a number of posts about various crafty things I’ve made and will make. I’ve mostly been someone who just thinks and writes in my life, i.e., a boring academic. Minus the music playing, of course. But high school and college were filled with the reading of books and sometimes-intriguing, often dulling research papers. Sure I performed experiments, which are a craft of their own, as any STS researcher can tell you.


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