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Interactivos?‘08 · Juegos de la visión: Convocatoria de proyectos

Medialab-Prado convoca a la presentación de proyectos para su producción dentro del evento Interactivos?‘08: Juegos de la Visión, que se llevará a cabo en Madrid entre el 30 de mayo y el 14 de junio de 2008.


Fluid Nexus Project Video

I’ve already posted this on the Fluid Nexus blog, but I wanted to post it here as well: my final project video for the workshop.

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FLEFF 2008

Just as an FYI, there’s a really great festival coming up at the end of March—beginning of April called the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival or FLEFF. Coincidentally, I’m giving a talk there on Thursday the 3rd from 4-6PM on a great panel with Stephanie Rothenberg, Sharon Lin Tay, and Dale Hudson. I’ll be talking about mobile media, non-representational networks, and the Fluid Nexus project.


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