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Pedagogy and Theater of the Oppressed Conference

I just found out yesterday that there is a conference (in Omaha, NE, nonetheless) about both "Pedagogy and Theater of the Oppressed": ...and that it's taking place this May. And there are three workshops that are with Augusto Boal and his son, Julian. And one of the workshops is on "legislative theater":, one of the methods that I am most interested in when it comes to participatory planning and design situations. If there were ever a conference that I should go to, it's this one.

Post for the new year

Resolutions..."I has them.": But they will have to wait a while to be unveiled. It is a bit late to be making a new year's post, but true to my current-academic form, I'm missing the deadline. I've been "reading": "some": "books": over the break. And "some": "various": "web": "sites": "about":http://blog.craftzine

Fluid Networking for Activists

A bit of a teaser about a current project of mine... I'm working on a mobile phone application that allows activists to surreptitiously pass messages amongst Bluetooth-enabled phones. It came out of concerns I had watching events in Lebanon last summer, and Burma and Pakistan this fall, where the networking infrastructure was destroyed or shut down, eliminating regular communication channels.


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