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Pedagogy and Theater of the Oppressed Conference

I just found out yesterday that there is a conference (in Omaha, NE, nonetheless) about both Pedagogy and Theater of the Oppressed …and that it’s taking place this May. And there are three workshops that are with Augusto Boal and his son, Julian. And one of the workshops is on legislative theater, one of the methods that I am most interested in when it comes to participatory planning and design situations.

If there were ever a conference that I should go to, it’s this one.

Fluid Networking for Activists

A bit of a teaser about a current project of mine…

I’m working on a mobile phone application that allows activists to surreptitiously pass messages amongst Bluetooth-enabled phones. It came out of concerns I had watching events in Lebanon last summer, and Burma and Pakistan this fall, where the networking infrastructure was destroyed or shut down, eliminating regular communication channels.


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