Enabling iScrobbling of internet tracks

If you're like me, and use "iScrobbler":http://www.last.fm/group/iScrobbler for "last.fm":http://last.fm, you might have noticed that the program doesn't scrobble tracks that you listen to from the internet over m3u files. There is, however, a simple fix for this. Note that you have do this every time you download a new version of iScrobbler, as we're going to modify files within the application itself. The usual warnings about no warranty for harm you might to do your system apply :-) You also probably need the OS X developer tools installed, which are a hefty download, or are available on your Tiger install DVD. Okay, so here is what we do: # Quit iScrobbler if running # Find your iScrobbler application # ctrl-click and select "Show Package Contents". # Navigate to "Contents/Resources/Scripts" # Double-click "iTunesGetCurrentTrackInfo.scpt" to open it in Script Editor. The file is likely a binary applescript file, so you have to have the Script Editor application for this to work. # Navigate a ways down in the file until you see the line "if trackClass is file track or trackClass is audio CD track then" (see the following image)
iScrobbler Before Edit # Edit that line so that it reads "if trackClass is file track or trackClass is audio CD track or trackClass is URL track then" (we're adding 'or trackClass is URL track' after the words 'audio CD track' and before the word 'then'); see the following photo:
iScrobbler After Edit # Save the file, quit Script Editor, and start iScrobbler again. You should now see your internet tracks being scrobbled! I don't know how this affects scrobbling streams, so your mileage might vary. Drop me an e-mail if you have any questions; I'll try and help out the best I can, but I can't promise anything.

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