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Alexander Galloway talk at Cornell on Wednesday

I'm excited that "Alexander Galloway": will be coming to Cornell to "give a talk": this Wednesday, 2 March, at 4:30PM in the AD White House. The title for his lecture is "Are Some Things Unrepresentable?", which dovetails nicely with my work on the voice and robotics. (And look forward to more on this idea soon, as I have an exhibition opening the last week of March...)


Importing Delicious Bookmarks Into Drupal, or the Cloud is Disappearing

"Many": have "written about": the impending demise of "delicious":, one of the first so-called "Web 2.0" companies, and one of the few cloud-based services that I actually use. delicious was useful because of its simplicity, with a pared-down interface, clean bookmarklets or browser plugins, and the ability to easily tag new bookmarks.


Apple releases app-store review guidelines

Apple has finally released its guidelines for "acceptable" applications in its App Store. Of course the document is itself covered by a non-disclosure agreement, but someone has "helpfully posted it": anyway. What's interesting are some of the following items: "2.7 Apps that download code in any way or form will be rejected"



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