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The ground-as-bucket for water from above

Along main street, the pointless decorative flags flap with captured fury; I cautiously arrange my umbrella so it doesn't feel the same anger. The rain mutates from drop to pellet, ignoring the will of the Earth to fall straight down, sometimes being pushed to the side by the same fury. But at some point the drop-pellets become a clear mass of liquid, deceptively deep in places.

Walking into the warmth of summer

Sponsor week is done, and with it, my thoughts on "mutable recordings" will wait to be found again in a couple of days. My object "paper": is done (at least for the class). It's past Memorial Day, which by the conventions of the US (and not the moon) means we're in summer now. I'm hoping to come up with a good selection of things to do, words to read, sounds to hear, places to visit, projects to explore.

When will it be done?

Caltech prepared me for many things. I know how to learn about quantum mechanics in one night. I learned how to find the normal modes of a string. But it didn't prepare me for one thing. Writing a 30 page expository essay. In some ways, I am enjoying it like mad; I was able to dive into a plethora of thoughts and ideas. But the challenge is combining them all together into a digestible whole.

Freud, Eco, and the notions of temporality in object relations

(As part of my "class": on the relationships between people and objects, both real and virtual, we read a set of essays in a forthcoming book where academics and scholars describe, in detail, the characteristics of said relationships with an object of import. Paired with each essay is a particular "theorist", ranging from psychoanalytic (Freud, Lacan, Winnicott) to critical (Foucault, Derrida, Latour). One of the basic assignments in the class is to write "reaction papers" to these readings.


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