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zeitkunst is the research + art blog of nick knouf. Featuring posts about my thoughts and work in art, music, culture, society, theory, graduate student life, and politics on an occasional basis.

Lacan, Winnicott, and the objects of early experience

_Aside_: this is another of a series of short essays written for my class on objects and experience. None of these essays should be considered a complete work; rather, they are snippets of my thoughts at the time. This week's readings dealt with transitional objects (Winnicott) and the mirror stage (Lacan). It is commonplace today, partly because of the work of the associated theorists for this week's readings, to accept the immense influence of the early objects of a child on his or her later psychological development.

The zeitkunst blog in flux

I dispense with the common blog niceties of bemoaning my lack of writing, for no-one out there is reading this blog as of yet. But in the meantime (on the order of the recent day or two) I have been preparing not only new entries, but also a real design. The entries? Academic, of course: discussions of my recent reading of Bruno Latour's _We Have Never Been Modern_, along with some (hopefully) extensions to my readings of essays in aesthetics by Adorno and Benjamin. The design?

Examining the Flecks of Dust that Rest in My Hand

There are days that are technically not vacation, but because of the mores of society, become that way[1]. And I come to the end of that day, bemused at how I could have spent so much of my afternoon, rather than working intently on a website that needs much updating, or a project that requires much thinking, instead reading (to my credit) a combination of recent-past news and articles in progressive sources, and (to my detriment) spending time looking at sports articles in wikipedia and CNN. Why would I do such a thing (the latter)?


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