The zeitkunst blog in flux

I dispense with the common blog niceties of bemoaning my lack of writing, for no-one out there is reading this blog as of yet. But in the meantime (on the order of the recent day or two) I have been preparing not only new entries, but also a real design. The entries? Academic, of course: discussions of my recent reading of Bruno Latour's _We Have Never Been Modern_, along with some (hopefully) extensions to my readings of essays in aesthetics by Adorno and Benjamin. The design? Simple but elegant: I have no time for the too-large and too-cutesy setups of modern Web 2.0 sites; the name itself suggests a break that isn't there, an ignorance of the continual development of the web and the need to codify changes into the digestible notions of release numbers. Let's make a pact for this now: writing at least once a week on topics that are important to me and my work. By this I will hopefully create content that will encourage regular readership that will both create community as well as contribute to broader discussions of these topics. The more musically-focused entries (those focusing on the music itself, not the meta-musical) will live on "sigtronica": Most pacts require a means for admonishment when the pact is broken. Since this is a pact between me and the non-human object of the website, any breakage is invisible to outsiders, both virtual visitors and real colleagues. Oh well. I'll know the pact was broken, and whether it affects me or not will be up to me to react to.

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