When will it be done?

Caltech prepared me for many things. I know how to learn about quantum mechanics in one night. I learned how to find the normal modes of a string. But it didn't prepare me for one thing. Writing a 30 page expository essay. In some ways, I am enjoying it like mad; I was able to dive into a plethora of thoughts and ideas. But the challenge is combining them all together into a digestible whole. I used to be able to do this, back in high school, but I lost that ability at Caltech, trained as I was on rote solving of problem sets. I need to get away from the paper, but I can't, as it's due early Thursday morning. And then there's my sponsor week project. Something that I've been interested in off and on this entire term. But now, I'm definitely off on it. What I want to do now is go and get some tea at Someday cafe, kick back, and read some Nabokov, Eggers, or New Left Review. Or perhaps just take out my viola and jam. Without creating some samples for my recording project. Without worring about whether instruments are transitional or liminal, or when. Without wondering how to align two semi-different audio signals automatically. That day will come in a little less than two weeks.


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