Circuit bending instructable

I just finished and posted an "instructable": about "simple circuit bending for a sound-making toy": This toy was used in a piece for violin and toy that I wrote for a course in "electroacoustic composition": It's part of a broader goal to create "open-source" compositions, where not only the scores but also other components of my compositions are documented and released for others to see and modify. Soon I'll post the score and performance notes for this piece...but for now, a nap. *UPDATE* The instructable was just featured on the front page of "": ...yay! *UPDATE* The hat trick is complete! Earlier this week my instructable was made "popular" and again was featured on the home page, and just last night I saw it in the weekly "Weekend Builder" e-mail that goes out to tons of people! I'm quite stoked about this, especially since I didn't expect it to be that popular or interesting for people. Guess I'm going to be making more instructables in the future :-)

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