The Coninuing Kafka-esque saga of the CAE

From the "CAE Defense Fund Group" on Flickr comes the following semi-sad news. I wish Professor Ferrell were well enough to continue to court battle, but I sympathize entirely with his decision. It is sad that government and public resources have been spent for four years on this travesty of a trial, and I can only hope that Steve Kurtz will be able to prevail in the end. If I had the money I would certainly "donate": to support the cause. But I can only offer my solidarity. "CAE Defense Fund Press Release":
Subject: MON FEB 11-Support Dr. Kurtz's co-defendant, Dr. Robert Ferrell, in Federal Court Dear Supporters, Please come out to support Dr. Kurtz's co-defendant, Dr. Robert Ferrell, who will be sentenced in Federal Court on Monday, February 11, following his plea deal due to serious illness. (Please see the Press Release below for more information.) As defense attorney Paul Cambria showed in court on Monday, Drs. Kurtz and Ferrell are innocent. The two defendants committed no crimes whatsoever, neither federal nor petty offenses. The only crime in this case is the Justice Department's four year long persecution of two esteemed professors, and the tremendous waste of resources this absurd prosecution has cost the public. During Professor Kurtz’s hearings supporters have packed the courtroom. Your continuing presence is crucial. We must show the world that outraged people in Buffalo stand at the center of an international movement to oppose this assault on our Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms of speech and inquiry. We must continue our support for Dr. Ferrell. The only fair sentence is no sentence, and a complete dismissal of any and all charges against the defendants. MONDAY - FEB 11 - 12:30 PM** Judge Arcara's courtroom Federal Courthouse 68 Court Street (adjacent Niagara Square downtown): **IMPORTANT NOTE: There will NOT be a demonstration outside the courthouse at this hearing. If we fill the seats to capacity inside, the proceedings are audible via a speaker system in the hallway, where there is limited seating. For details of Dr. Ferrell's plea deal with statements by his wife and daughter, see below. For WBFO's Joyce Kryzak interview with his wife, Dr. Dianne Raeke Ferrell:
"CAE Defense Fund Press Release":

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