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Violin, speakers, sensors, custom electronics, tape, sound



The sounds of the space, inside and outside, top and bottom, mixed with the resonance of the violin creates an everchanging soundscape. Inside the instrument are four suspended speakers, their inputs threaded through the f-holes of the violin. Sounds from contact mics throughout the space are mixed with a microphone on the inside of the instrument. These sounds, combined with a repeated composition on endless tape, enter the instrument through the f-holes and take on the resonance properties of the violin. Suspended in space, the violin assumes a shadowy presence with instrument as torso and wires as ribs. The entire sculpture intends to meld a traditional instrument (and the undercurrents that it entails) with restrained technological additions to create an aural object for listening or performance.


Violin with speakers
Violin disassembled
Violin with sensors

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