Enredos Sónicos/Sonic Plots

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Enredos Sónicos in a taxi on the streets of Habana



Enredos Sónicos/Sonic Plots (2019) is a collaborative piece between US and Cuban artists, musicians, and curators. Constructed to counter the rhetoric of "sonic warfare" and in response to the so-called "sonic attacks" at the US Embassy in Havana, the project instead enacts a queer transnational transformation. The project involved Adriana Knouf (US), Claudia Pederson (US), Nestor Siré (CU), and Fruta Bomba (CU), a Cuban feminist music collective comprising Damarys Benavides, Lizabel Mónica. Collaborators in Cuba recorded local sounds and sent them to Adriana and Jenny Johnson (US) to be used as the source material for compositions. These works were then sent to Fruta Bomba for remixing into local styles. These remixes were then distributed throughout Havana on custom USB sticks for performance within the retrofitted classic taxicabs common to the city. During the opening dancers from Benavides' studio activated the space of the gallery and the street, thereby enacting queer performances that suggest new forms of transnational subjectivity.

Please visit http://enredossonicos.net (en Español) or http://sonicplots.net (in English) for more details, including the music, remixes, and documentation.


Photo by Adonis Ferro
Photo by Adonis Ferro
Photo by Nestor Siré