Embedding electronics in handmade paper

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Hanji, joomchi, abaca, electronic components, conductive thread


2016 to 2018

I have been exploring the intersection between hand papermaking and electronics, exploring how one can integrate electronic components (such as LEDs, piezo elements, speakers) inside handmade paper itself. I have been doing this both with paper processed from scratch (using abaca fibers) as well as pre-made sheets of hanji or washi made from paper mulberry fibers and combined together using the Korean technique of joomchi. This work aims to show how ancient and contemporary technologies are entangled with each other, and suggest new directions for contemporary craft.

More information about this work can be read in my papers "Felted Paper Circuits Using Joomchi" and "Electronic inclusions in handmade paper, or how to finesse material incongruities in the spirit of the Bauhaus" (forthcoming). I have also used some of these techniques in my projects PIECES FOR PERFORMER (S) AND EXTRATERRESTRIAL ENTITIES (2017-2018) and they transmitted continuously / but our times rarely aligned / and their signals dissipated in the √¶ther (2018).


Joomchi circuit, powered
Joomchi circuit, powered and retaining its shape after drying
Sheet circuit, top, powered
Sheet circuit, bottom, powered
Sheet circuit diagram
they transmitted speaker in gallery installation
Piezo speakers drying