drip: drinking real-time information protocol

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Jeffrey Nordrum


uCs, copper, tilt sensors, Tangible Media with Hiroshi Ishii



We introduce a new framework called DRIP (Drinking Real-time Information Protocol) for the display, consumption, and sharing of digital information by infusing liquid with digital bits. Presently, the process of information acquisition is integrated into our everyday lives, while the process of information sharing has become more distant and impersonal. By merging the affordances of beverage containers and digital information, we aim to bring back the social component of face-to-face information sharing while also creating an environment for serendipitous interactions to occur. The DRIP platform has three main components. First, DRIP enables people to attach digital bits to specially designed computer-mediated beverage containers. Second, embedded within the beverage containers are displays that allow people to view and browse the attached information. Third, through intuitive drinking manners, such as stirring and toasting, one can alter or exchange information with others. The milieus we seek for implementation are those that inherently foster interpersonal exchanges, such as: coffee shops, teahouses, and cocktail lounges.


DRIP Poster
DRIP Prototypes
DRIP Cheers Gesture

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