Briefly returning, Way-Post-Thesis Edition

I actually do plan on posting more on this blog in the coming weeks, but for the moment I just wanted to post a short update. I’m now at Cornell in the Information Sciences PhD program. I finished my master’s thesis at the MIT Media Lab in August just a couple days before I had to start at Cornell. The text of my thesis is now available, entitled Encouraging the Expression of the Unspeakable: Influence and Agency in a Robotic Creature (warning: it’s a 65MB file!).

I’ll be writing more on different topics soon, as well as making my own theme for the blog and updating some of my projects on zeitkunst.

Update: I’ve enabled browsing of the code, source text, models, figures, etc. from my thesis in the MSThesis subversion repository. Look in the Creature subdirectory for the python code used in the simulation and actual robot, Electronics subdirectory for circuit board schematics and board firmware, Modeling for blender models that were used in early explorations, and Thesis for the source latex files used in the thesis. I hope there isn’t too much that is incriminating in there! :-)

Update 2: The abstract for my thesis is now indexed in LABS: Leonardo ABstracts Service.

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