Briefly returning, Way-Post-Thesis Edition

I actually do plan on posting more on this blog in the coming weeks, but for the moment I just wanted to post a short update. I'm now at "Cornell": in the "Information Sciences": PhD program. I finished my master's thesis at the "MIT Media Lab": in August just a couple days before I had to start at Cornell. The text of my thesis is now available, entitled "Encouraging the Expression of the Unspeakable: Influence and Agency in a Robotic Creature": (warning: it's a 65MB file!). I'll be writing more on different topics soon, as well as making my own theme for the blog and updating some of my projects on "zeitkunst": *Update*: I've enabled browsing of the code, source text, models, figures, etc. from my thesis in the "MSThesis subversion repository": Look in the "Creature": subdirectory for the python code used in the simulation and actual robot, "Electronics": subdirectory for circuit board schematics and board firmware, "Modeling": for blender models that were used in early explorations, and "Thesis": for the source latex files used in the thesis. I hope there isn't too much that is incriminating in there! :-) *Update 2*: The "abstract for my thesis": is now indexed in "LABS: Leonardo ABstracts Service":

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