Blender, Vivelle Dot, Spironolactone



TX-1 is a proposed sculpture of transgender hormone replacement meds, designed to be carried into space in a specialized cubesat, marking the first time that elements of the trans experience leave the earth. The cylindrical sculpture includes fragments of hormone replacement medications (including estrogen, testosterone, and a testosterone blocker) . These fragments are encased in a clear resin that is molded to fit the dimensions of pockets in the cubesat.

No transgender people have been to space even though they, as well as disabled folx, have extensive experience in body modifications and adaptations that could be useful for long-duration spaceflight. But we don’t know if it is safe for trans people on hormone replacement therapy to go to space, given that the pharmacodynamics of these meds in microgravity is unknown. The project marks a symbolic exodus from a planet that is often inhospitable to us.

The images are all renderings, and the last one shows the sculpture at scale with common trans woman HRT meds in the US.



TX-1 perspective view
TX-1 front view
TX-1 side view
TX-1 top view
TX-1, dimensional view with other trans woman HRT meds for scale