FLEFF LAB: Checkpoints Project

texts, video, sound, apps

FLEFF LAB: Checkpoints Project was a full-semester, three credit course taught at Ithaca College in conjunction with the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival. Students read and viewed a variety of texts and projects dealing with new media and checkpoints. Students also produced projects at the end of the course entitled Who Knows You?, In My Hood, EyeC, and Alone Phone. Other information about the course, including student summaries of projects and texts, is available on the course blog.

From the syllabus (available as a download below):

FLEFF LAB: Checkpoints Project explores the concept of checkpoints, the FLEFF 2011 festival programming
stream, through a range of theories and practices of social media, social networking, emerging technologies, user-generated content, and other structures. Students will engage in group projects that combine conceptual investigation of open space modes with digital interfaces and social media. Finished projects and prototypes will be mounted on the FLEFF website.

Note who sponosred this image.
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